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Flooring Is Our Business in Ogden

BIG Carpet has a history of providing the best services possible to our clients. We’ve been that way since our founding in 1997. A big part of this is because our founder, Dennis Bigelow, had already spent years in the flooring industry before he founded his own business.

All those years of expertise went into building the best service possible for his clients. We’ve focused on that philosophy all the way through to the present day. It guides us and makes sure that we continually focus on how to improve our services for our clients.

We try to make the entire process of buying and installing new flooring easier on our clients than anywhere else because we know how taxing it is for most of us. Identifying suitable materials, figuring out footage, trimming pieces, and every other little element of the process deserves a trained hand.

That’s where BIG Carpet comes into play. We’re happy to help install flooring in your Ogden, UT-area home or business to give it an all-new look. Not only will you feel like the space is newer, but it will give you a fresh perspective on what you can do with it in the future.

We Offer the Best

Finding the best fit will ensure your space remains attractive and durable for years to come. Here in Ogden, UT, BIG Carpet will help you find a good match for old décor, too. That way we can help you preserve the historic looks of some classic buildings.

We Help You Make the Most of Your Floors

Tile may be one of our most intensive services, but we work with plenty of styles of flooring for our clients. It doesn’t matter whether the work is for a home or business, either. We’re happy to help you figure out what will suit the space.

Beyond carpet, we offer:

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