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Soft, Durable, and Beautiful Carpet in Ogden, UT

At Big Carpet in Ogden, UT, we are dedicated to providing beautiful, long-lasting flooring and carpeting solutions for your home. Our carpet selection has all types of carpet textures, patterns, and colors, so you can find the right design and style for your living room, bedroom, or hallway. Our skilled team will work with you to understand your esthetic desires and functional needs, helping you select the perfect carpet.

Our Carpet Offerings

Whether you want a durable, stain-resistant carpet for a basement playroom or plush, luxurious carpeting for the floor of your bedroom, we have you covered. Today’s carpet fibers are soft, durable, and beautiful all at once, helping expand your carpeting options.

  • Carpeting: Our primary carpeting offerings are traditional roll carpets that can easily cover an entire room wall-to-wall. We carry a wide selection of textures, patterns, and colors, with loop pile and cut pile options that are both durable and beautiful.
  • Carpet tiles: Carpet tiles are often used for game rooms, businesses, or home offices, providing durability and easy installation. They are often designed to have enhanced stain resistance and have easier cleaning and care than roll carpet.
  • Carpet remnants: At Big Carpet, we also carry a wide selection of carpet remnants left over from carpet rolls. Our carpet remnants are always at clearance prices every day, so you can find low-price carpeting for that unique project.

Selecting The Ideal Carpet

Selecting the right carpet for your home can be a daunting process. You’ll likely have this carpet for years to come, so you want it to be durable and something you enjoy looking at every day. Some questions you should consider when searching for the right carpet include:

  • How will the room be used? A room that will have heavy traffic from the outdoors or that will be a playroom for children will likely benefit from a more durable, stain-resistant carpet. Your bedroom, meanwhile, may be a good place for that plush, white carpet you’re eyeing due to the lower traffic and use. Knowing how the room will be used will help you determine what material and what colors make the most sense for the carpeting.
  • How large is the room? The size of the room you’re carpeting can play into whether you want to choose a light or dark color for your carpeting. Lighter carpeting can add a feeling of spaciousness to smaller rooms, while darker-colored carpet can add coziness to larger rooms.
  • How often do you redecorate? When selecting carpeting for a room, you’ll want to select a style that complements the furniture, wall color, and decorations in the room. If you’re pretty set on leaving the room’s style as is, you can go with a bolder carpeting choice without worry about having to match it down the road. But if you frequently redecorate the room, you may want to opt for a more neutral option that allows you to experiment with a wider range of styles.

Whatever type of carpeting you’re looking for, our team at Big Carpet is always ready to help. We have displays with a wide range of styles from multiple manufacturers to help you coordinate your carpet selection with other types of flooring in your home, pulling everything together right in our warehouse.

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