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Finding The Right Material

Here’s the thing: All it takes is finding the right people to help you to make the project go a lot smoother and quicker. Professionals acquainted with the task can get it done more precisely and quickly than taking a do-it-yourself approach. And here at BIG Carpet in Ogden, UT, we’re happy to be the ones to help you through the entire process. Unlike most companies that will take a roll of carpet out to a client’s home and cut it there in the dirty driveway or the street for that matter, Big Carpet will NEVER do this.  We cut all carpet to site specification in our clean warehouse on our clean warehouse floor or our hand-swept concrete pad.  This ensures the carpet is installed cleanly and never brings in outdoor elements into a client’s home. We can also talk through your options for tile choices and what might work best in a space, and then install it for you. Our goal is to make sure you get the style you want with the results you deserve.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Tile & Wood

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