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carpet remnants ogden utah

Understanding Carpet Remnants

Did you know that you have more flooring options than area rugs and huge carpet rolls? At Big Carpet, we aren’t talking about hardwood or vinyl (although we have those, too!). We’re talking about carpet remnants.

Not all carpeting projects are large-scale endeavors that require roll after roll of full-size industrial carpeting. In fact, homeowners, apartment owners, and small business owners are more likely to need just a few square feet to update one or two rooms. That’s why our team doesn’t force you to purchase more carpet than you really need and bust your home improvement budget.

What Are Carpet Remnants?

When Big Carpet installs large rolls of carpeting for a customer, there are usually leftover pieces in different sizes once the cutting is done. If the customer doesn’t want or need these pieces, we don’t just throw them away in a landfill. We want to be responsible and use as much of the carpet roll as possible, so we roll up the remnant sections, label them with the size and style, and offer a deep discount to anyone who has a small space where they can use the carpet. These carpet remnants are the exact same quality, brands, and styles that we offer in full-sized rolls, but they might be discontinued or extra, so we match them with customers who don’t need to spend a lot of money on a huge roll.

Why Choose Remnants Over a Carpet Roll?

Remnants are simply the best way to save money on carpeting a small space. You’ll get the same quality, but you’ll pay for less square footage and pay only a fraction of the normal price. Not only will you have what you need to re-carpet a few rooms, but you might also find pieces you can use as rugs, mats, pet protection, garage insulation, and more. At such a low price, Big Carpets’ remnant section is the best place to get creative.

Where To Use Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants can be used in any place that you’d normally put a carpet, and then some. You’ll find the quality you need to do an entire living room, or some leftover commercial-grade carpeting to put in a workspace like a garage. Patterned or solid remnants also make great area rugs—ask us how to add an edged border to any piece of carpeting to turn it into a polished rug with finished edges that won’t fray.

  • Small offices
  • Home offices
  • Garages
  • Sheds/man caves
  • Playrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Small homes, apartments, and living areas
  • Creating extra padding and protection for a pet area
  • And more!

Make the Most of Carpet Remnants With Professional Installation

If you’re saving big on a carpet remnant, ask our team about professional installation. Since the remnant is not part of a full roll, there isn’t much room for error or re-cutting. Trust our team to get the most square footage possible out of any remnant with precise measurements.

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