Cut Pile vs Loop Pile Carpet

Cut Pile vs Loop Pile Carpet

Understanding Cut Pile vs. Loop Pile Carpet

If you plan to invest in carpeting or an area rug to soften the look and feel of hardwood floors, you have almost endless options. Taking the time to learn a little bit about the main types of carpeting and their differences is worth the effort, though. Carpeting is an excellent way to reduce noise and sound traveling through the house. Even if you have hardwood flooring, an area rug will make a room feel cozy and dampen sounds from inside and outside. Plus, carpeting is a great form of insulation to help regulate the temperature inside and keep your energy bills low.

That said, here are a few things to consider about carpet ?piles,? or the way the individual fibers are grouped and attached. Piles come in a variety of lengths and styles to change the way the carpet looks and feels, or to create a pattern.

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile carpet is probably what comes to your mind when you first think of carpeting. The natural or synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, or wool are the most common) in the carpet are cut so that each one stands straight up in a tight cluster. The result is a soft and versatile carpet that can come in virtually any color or pattern. Even the fibers themselves can form monochromatic patterns and styles depending on the angle of the cut or the treatments used on sections of fibers during manufacturing.

Some homeowners feel that a cut pile with fibers long enough to leave vacuum trails or foot imprints is a distracting downside. If you feel that way, too, you can look for different cut pile length and a heavier twist that doesn?t show movement as much. The tighter and heavier the twist of threads within each strand, the more durable the carpet will be. Generally, the longer the pile and the looser the twist, the more obvious daily wear and tear becomes, so you may need to replace long-pile carpets more often.

Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile has a few names, including ?uncut pile? and ?Berber pile.? Just like the name, loop pile carpet is made up of threads looped from front to back without being cut in half at the top of the loop, like a cut pile carpet. They are a good choice for both residential and commercial high-traffic areas because they?re durable and easy to clean. Like any pile, you?ll be able to choose the size of the loop. The tighter (smaller) the loops are, the more durable it will be and less likely to snag. Unlike cut pile, a relatively tight loop pile won?t show vacuum marks or footprints. Loop pile carpets are usually solid in color, but you?ll have a huge variety of colors, loop sizes, and large patterns like stripes of alternating colors from which to choose.

Choosing Your Perfect Carpet

While cut pile and looped pile are certainly different, the ?right? choice for your home will depend on your lifestyle, home d?cor, and personal preference. Both types serve the same function of noise and temperature insulation equally well, so the right carpet will be the one that makes your house feel more like a home. To see samples of both cut and looped piles, visit our showroom off of I-15 north of Ogden today!

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