Big Carpet Provides Soft, Durable Carpet in Farr West, UT

At Big Carpet, we are dedicated to providing beautiful, long-lasting flooring and carpeting solutions for your home. Our carpet flooring store in Farr West, UT has all types of carpet textures, patterns, and colors so that you can find the right design and style for your living room, bedroom, or hallway. Our skilled team will work with you to understand your aesthetic desires and functional needs, helping you select the perfect carpet.

Our Carpet Offerings

Whether you want a durable, stain-resistant carpet for a basement playroom or plush, luxurious carpeting in Farr West, UT for the floor of your bedroom, we have you covered. Today’s carpet fibers are soft, durable, and beautiful all at once, helping expand your carpeting options.

  • Carpeting:Our primary carpeting offerings are traditional roll carpets that can easily cover an entire room wp/to-wall. We carry a wide selection of textures, patterns, and colors, with loop pile and cut pile options that are both durable and beautiful.
  • Carpet tiles:carpet tilesare often used for game rooms, businesses, or home offices, providing durability and easy installation. They are typically designed to have enhanced stain resistance and are easier to clean than roll carpet.
  • Carpet remnants:At Big Carpet, we also carry a wide selection of carpet remnants in Farr West, UT from carpet rolls. Our carpet remnants are always at clearance prices every day so that you can find low-price carpeting for that unique project. Carpet remnants normally come to us in two ways; we buy remnant packages, or we order full rolls of carpet as stock & take the last bit at the end & make it into a remnant.


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Selecting The Ideal Carpet

Selecting the right carpet in Farr West, UT for your home can be a daunting process. You will likely have this carpet for years to come, so you want it to be durable and something you enjoy seeing every day. Some questions you should consider when searching for the right carpet include:

  • How will the room be used? A room that will have heavy traffic from the outdoors or will be a playroom for children will likely benefit from a more durable, stain-resistant carpet. Your bedroom, meanwhile, may be a good place for that plush, white carpet you are eyeing due to the lower traffic and use. Knowing how you will use the room will help determine what material and what colors make the most sense for the carpeting.
  • How large is the room? The size of the room you are carpeting can play into whether you want to choose a light or dark color for your carpeting. Lighter carpeting can add a feeling of spaciousness to smaller rooms, while darker-colored carpet can add coziness to larger rooms.
  • How often do you redecorate? When selecting carpeting for a room, you will want to choose a style that complements the furniture, wall color, and decorations in the room. If you want to leave the room’s style as is, you can go with a bolder carpeting choice without worrying about having to match it down the road. But if you frequently redecorate the room, you may want to opt for a more neutral option that allows you to experiment with a broader range of styles.

Whatever type of carpeting you desire, our team at Big Carpet is always ready to help. We have displays with a wide range of styles from multiple manufacturers to help you coordinate your carpet selection with other types of flooring in your home, pulling everything together right in our warehouse.

Installing Carpet in Your Farr West, UT Home or Office

Once you have selected the perfect carpet flooring for your home or office, Big Carpet can begin the installation process. While we will do all of the technical work, you will be able to help prepare the area for us to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. We will also offer guidance regarding maintenance once your new carpet flooring is in place.

Preparing Your Home for Carpet Installation

The initial steps in the carpet installation process will be taken by you well in advance of our arrival at your home or business. To ensure a seamless installation that does not consume a substantial amount of time, Big Carpet will provide you with a checklist of tasks to accomplish before carpet installation. These tasks will ensure a safe, quick process while also eliminating potential risks or imperfections. The jobs that we ask you to complete before wall-to-wall carpet installation include:

  • Remove everything from the room, including all furniture and wiring.

  • Ensure that all windows and doors are in place and can close.

  • Ensure the space can be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit during installation.

  • Be sure electrical power is available to the installation crew.

Installation Process

The installation crew at Big Carpet has years of experience installing wall-to-wall carpets in Farr West, UT and the surrounding areas. Our expertise has allowed us to streamline the process and make it as quick as possible so that we do not disrupt your routine for longer than we must. As with any task, the size of the area that needs attention will play a factor in the duration of the project. But if you take appropriate measures to prepare for carpet installation, the process should only take about a day under normal circumstances. The time it takes to lay the carpet – adjusting for corners, angles, and doorways – is typically only a matter of hours.

Maintenance for Your New Carpet

It is critical to protect your new carpet from everyday wear and tear so that you can maintain its appearance and prolong its life. Having a new carpet is exciting and appealing, but keeping it looking new will bring added satisfaction. Among the ways you can maintain your new carpet in Farr West, UT are:

  • Wipe Your Feet - Arguably the simplest of the tasks on this list is wiping your feet. Every time you enter your home or office, it is imperative that you clean the dirt, dust, mud, and grime off of the soles of your shoes before stepping on your fresh carpet. Neglecting to do so will quickly cause your carpet to fade and deteriorate.

  • Vacuum Regularly - Even with careful attention to how you enter your home and walk across your carpet, dirt and mud are inevitable. Vacuum your carpet regularly to improve its look and reduce dullness.

  • Clean Carpet - having your carpet professionally cleaned every year protects your investment & keeps your warranties active.

  • Remove Spots Immediately - If there is an accident or a spill, take quick action to prevent stains. Be sure to blot the affected area, as rubbing it can wear down the fabric and cause the stain to set. Once the carpet is nearly dry, vacuum the area for added protection.

Why Carpet Remains A Popular Flooring Choice

Over the years, homeowners have truly enjoyed the carpet experience. They love the extreme softness and comfort it provides, as well as the many benefits that have always been a big part of this material’s featured characteristics. If you’ve never given this floor covering proper consideration, maybe now’s the time to do that? Now, more than ever before, this material makes perfect sense for your home, even if you have pets, children, or high levels of traffic. You'll be surprised at how easily carpet can meet your needs and requirements while remaining affordable.

Carpet brings benefits you might have missed

Everyone knows that carpet is the only soft surface floor covering available and as such, offers the softest possible underfoot feel in the entire flooring industry. It’s comfortable and makes a perfect surface for children or anyone who wants to feel pampered by this luxurious material. The various fiber options available to you extend your ability to choose the perfect material for your home based on activity level and lifestyle. Polyester and nylon, for example, offer a great solution for those with busy, heavily trafficked homes, while all-natural wool is an amazing fiber option for stunning good looks. There are plenty more benefits in this flooring line that you might not be aware of as well. For instance, many brands now offer built-in stain protection that helps fight a variety of possible stains and makes your floors less likely to harbor the bacteria that can create foul odors and dinginess. It’s perfect for homes where pets and children live. You’ll also enjoy benefits such as excellent heat retention, noise reduction, and a great opportunity to match just about every décor option throughout your home. Find out more by speaking with one of our flooring associates. Carpeting has long been a traditional flooring material, but the options today are more durable than ever. Big Carpet offers resistant carpet in different fiber lengths (pile) as either a roll or a carpet tile so you can easily replace a damaged area of your floor. Because nylon and polyester fibers can be dyed in virtually any color, carpet is a great soft floor covering that can match your décor flawlessly. For smaller rooms or side projects, make sure to take a look at our carpet remnants, which are discounted portions of full rolls. Our carpet remnants might be the perfect size for your room or project!
Luxury carpet in Farr West, UT from Big Carpet

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If you've been searching for carpet near me or carpet stores near me, you're in the right place. When you need a trustworthy carpet retailer, give Big Carpet a try. From our Farr West, UT showroom location, we’re proud to serve the communities of Ogden, Farr West, Weber County, Box Elder County, and Davis County, UT and we hope to lend our services to your needs as well.

With a history of exceptional service, materials, and craftsmanship, we want to provide the same quality flooring experience in your home that we would expect in ours. For the very best in all things carpet flooring, be sure to visit us today and tell us how we can be of assistance.