Carpet in a Farr West, UT home

Nylon or Polyester

One of the questions we at Big Carpet?are asked regularly by prospective customers is: Should I buy Nylon or Polyester carpet? The answer in many ways depends on what you want out of your new carpet. Following are some helpful hints for your decision making.

What is your budget?

Cost is one of the biggest considerations for many customers since new flooring is one of the bigger investments you will make in your home. When it comes to cost, polyester comes out the winner because it costs much less to produce, hence it will cost you less. Comparatively speaking,nylon can cost as much as double the price of polyester.


Nylon comes out the winner here, being known as the most durable synthetic carpet fiber. However, polyester has made great strides in closing the gap in the past decade. Also, remember that not all nylon is better than all polyester. There are low grades and high grades of both, and a high grade polyester will outperform a low grade nylon.

Stain resistance-

Both polyester & nylon carpets have stain resistance but for different reasons. Nylon is absorbent and soaks in liquids, thus needing to be treated to repel liquid. Polyester repels liquid. Almost all carpets made of either fiber have stain repellent built into them, but polyester wins this round.


Polyester is inherently a softer fiber but thanks to the production of carpet fiber in thinner finer strands, you can find super soft carpet in both nylon & polyester.


This is sort of a tie. Polyester is made of recycled material, so It is keeping plastic bottles out of the landfills. Some of the newer nylon carpets are recyclable at the end of their life. The question is: will people go to the trouble to get it to where it can be recycled or just conveniently haul it to the dump.

So, as you can see the question: ?Nylon or Polyester carpet for your house?? can only be answered by you. At Big Carpet in Farr West, UT?we would be happy to help you compare side by side carpets?made of both fibers. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your flooring needs.