Luxury vinyl plank flooring available from Big Carpet

What is luxury vinyl plank?

Luxury vinyl plank LVP is very similar to luxury vinyl tile LVT (please see blog ?What is luxury vinyl tile") but the patterns are made to mimic wood instead of tile or stone. Some manufacturers have lumped it all together under the title LVF luxury vinyl flooring, which encompasses all plank flooring regardless of design or mode of installation.

As homeowners focus more and more on ease of maintenance LVP has gained popularity, but probably the biggest attraction to this flooring is the fact that it is waterproof. That being said if you have a flood the flooring will likely survive & in many cases can be reused but if it?s installed over wood subfloors it will likely have to be removed to do repairs of the floor underneath.

Another positive to this type of flooring is its durability, it isn?t bulletproof, but it is dog-proof, accidents, nails on the floor, throwing of hard toys & a host of other things dogs do that damage or ruin carpet or wood floors will not likely do anything to your vinyl plank flooring.

One last thing a new addition to the LVF family is digital print technology where the pattern is printed right on the rigid core backing making it even more durable. Combined with 3D printing of the texture you can get an even more realistic look. See Engineered Floors Ensignium brand for instance. Of course here at Big Carpet we would be happy to show you all the different types of LVF as well as any other flooring you would like to put in your home.