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Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

When you need the perfect carpeting for your home, the fiber you choose is probably the essential part of your search. You'll likely hear a lot about nylon and polyester options, but what's the difference between them?

We're glad you asked! We will discuss a few of the differences now, so read along with today's post.

Nylon carpeting or polyester?

If you need a durable floor covering, you?ll find that both nylon and polyester offer durability that will help your floors perform to their best ability. Nylon, however, is highly resilient and will not show signs of traffic wear as quickly as polyester.

It?s important to note that each material offers various fiber qualities, so if you choose a high-quality polyester, it will still outperform low-quality nylon. Polyester does provide a higher level of strain protection, thanks to its hydrophobic nature, while nylon absorbs spills quickly.

When looking for the best products for a tight budget, once again, you must consider the grade or quality of the one flooring before comparing it to another. You can find budget options in both product lines but be sure to speak with your flooring consultant about which is the better choice for your household.

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