Luxury vinyl tile flooring in a Farr West, UT master bathroom

What?s luxury vinyl tile?

As you begin to shop for a perfect floor covering for your home, you?re probably going to hear about luxury vinyl tile (LVT). This amazing floor covering is not only beautiful and eye-catching, but it provides a wide selection of benefits to which you can take advantage.

You will likely find those characteristics that strikingly match your requirements for a floor covering. It?s well worth taking a few moments to learn more about the material that could be your next floor covering.

More about LVT

With vinyl tiles, you will experience the beauty of all-natural materials such as stone and porcelain tile. These elegant appearances create a timeless look that stands through a variety of trend changes, so you?ll stay current longer.

Constructed in layers, these materials consist of a backing layer, a core layer, a high-resolution design layer, and a protective wear layer. These layers work together to create an amazingly stable and functional floor covering you?ll enjoy for years to come.

The core layer in LVT flooring can be constructed of various materials. Those that use wood pulps and resins are known as WPC (wood plastic composite), while those that utilize stone dust are known as SPC (stone plastic composite).

Both are waterproof and protect against water damage that can come from humidity, dampness, and spills. For a completely waterproof material that can withstand a flood, ask about a core made of 100% vinyl.

The wear layer is responsible for resisting all manner of daily wear, including scratches, scuffs, and stains. Even if you have pets and children in the home, your floors will look better longer, with a lifespan that can reach 30 years.

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